Center for Biotechnology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura Center for Biotechnology - Sri Lanka

Welcome to the Centre for Biotechnology (CBT)

Opening new insights in the field of Biotechnology, the Centre for Biotechnology (CBT) was established in 2016 to cater to the research and industrial needs of the field in a timely manner. The centre is dedicated to actively combating current health issues in the area through involvement and communication with the relevant health officers, for conducting high-quality research addressing current issues worldwide, for training individuals in various aspects of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and for scouting new avenues to acquire cutting-edge equipment, technology and knowledge to augment the overall research experience in our country. In a world where everything is intertwined, CBT welcomes and encourages national and international collaborations that will enhance multidisciplinary research, taking research in Sri Lanka to new heights.


Our vision is bifurcated in that we aspire to be a leader in the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge through quality research and consultancy, to promote entrepreneurship by providing individuals with innovative ability, the necessary skill set and guidance to resources in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.


To create an institutional space dedicated to quality research, education and community outreach guided by sound academic, scientific and ethical principles.


  • Build a multidisciplinary research centre in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in the Department of Zoology
  • Conduct high quality research projects to address timely issues in Sri Lanka and worldwide
  • Contribute to knowledge dissemination efforts within the scientific community
  • Enhance research skills through proper guidance and encouragement
  • Contribute to the national development by initiating industry orientated research
  • Promote centralized facilities for new and modern techniques in the interdisciplinary areas pertinent to Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

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