Full Papers 

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Short communications

  • De Silva, D.P.N., Fernando, H.S.D., Ranathunga, R.R.M.K.P., De Silva, B.G.D.N.K. (2017). First record of plecocercoid larvae belong to the order Tryphanorhyncha (Diseasing 1863) isolated from swordfish (Xiphias gladius, Linnaeus 1758) captured off Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Journal of Aquatic Sciences, 22(1), pp. 67-70.

Abstract publications/Conference Proceedings and Posters

  • Kanthika, W.L. and Harischandra, I.N. (2018). Negative edge effect on the avian diversity in Kaludiya Pokuna forest reserve, Sri Lanka due to habitat alteration for tourism. The ninth student conference on conservation science-Bengaluru, Indian Institute of Science, India. To be held on 27-30th September, 2018 (poster).
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Books, Book Chapters, Reports etc

  • De Silva, B.G.D.N.K. (2017). Entomological Aspects in Dengue. “Vidurava” Magazine published by National Science Foundation. (In Sinhala & English).
  • De Silva, .B.G.D.N.K. (2016). Genetics and Biotechnology for human survival in “Vidurava” Magazine published by National Science Foundation.  (In Sinhala and English) pp. 26-31.