Grants / Projects

PhD Researches

Research Assistant Topic Status
Ms. H. S. D. Fernando Phylogeographic and population genetic structure of Aeds aegypti in Sri Lanka Thesis Submitted
Ms. P. D. Dayananda Virological surveillance of DENV in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in dengue high risk areas of Colombo District Ongoing

Mphil Researches

Research Assistant Topic Status
Mr. R. S. Pethiyagoda


Effect of Gambusia affinis (mosquito fish)and Poecilia reticulate (saree guppy) as a biological control agent in controlling mosquitoes in the Sri Jayewardenepura canal system and its ecological risk assessment and genetic assessment. ongoing
Ms. T.A.H.D.G. Jayathilake Characterization of molecular biomarkers of earthworms inhabiting cadmium contaminated soils in Sri Lanka. ongoing
Ms. W. M. M. Wedage Development of microsatellite markers to analyze the population genetic structure of Phlebotomus argentipus sand flies in Sri Lanka


Ms. S. M. Ratnayake Molecular characterization, isolation and chemical characterization of crude extract of Haliclona(soestella)sp, a novel Sri Lankan marine sponge. ongoing