From the laboratory experiments to the commercial market !!!

Centre for Water Quality and Algae Research proudly won THREE AWARDS at ‘Innovate Sri Lanka 2019’ Congratulations Teams!!! 2019 Innovations from the Centre for Water Quality and Algae Research; (1) Domestic water filter This was designed to provide good quality drinking water to the nation, free from Cyanotoxins, Taste and Odour causing compounds, Antibiotics and Pesticides. Further this innovation was aimed at CKDu areas, to supply good quality drinking water for a cheaper price. ‘Bronze Award’ (Won overall third place of all the competition) ‘First Place’ under the ‘Energy and Environment’ category Team Members Prof. Pathmalal Manage Sathya Ganegoda Gayani Yashodara Liyanage Chandimal Alahakoon Abinayan Illango Buddika Kumara (2) Textile waste water treatment unit This was designed to provide a solution to textile dye waste waste treatment as an industrial…
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