Ecosphere Resilience Research Center

To facilitate the use of analytics and modeling in advancing the national leadership in research through the highest ethical standards and professional best practices
To initiate and encourage opportunities in interdisciplinary research collaborations on climate resilience towards national and international recognition
To provide assistance for remediation, mitigation, restoration actions of the extreme environments via monitoring, modeling and application of engineered solutions in a sustainable manner through innovative research


To be the center of excellence for climate science and environmental restoration research in the world, dedicated by advancing, applying and facilitating research analytics and modeling.


To carry out state of the art independent, objective, advance and expert scientific research on the fields of climate resilience for extreme analysis and environment restoration
To promote multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative research with National and International Research Centers.
To become a critical mass within the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and an advisor in the field of Environmental research at the island level.