Research on Water and Wastewater

The presence of contaminants in emerging concern (CECs) in aqueous environments and other contaminants such as trace metals, herbicides, etc. that comes from the anthropogenic origin are increasing their prevalent use in the fast-moving urban economy and “consumerism” society. These contaminants get leached into the environment and water where treatment gets costly or involve in re-formulation into other dangerous compounds. At ERRC, we monitor water and wastewaters for their quality especially drinking water and wastewaters like landfill leachate and hospital wastewater. We further focus at the material level for remediating contaminants from water i.e. trace metals, dyes, antibiotics, pesticides etc. Surface modification of bio-geo-based sorbents selective for both organic and inorganic contaminant uptake is where our expertise lies.

Domestic and industrial effluent emitting contaminants that are not cleansed by typical WWTP

Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care products that cannot be treated by conventional WWTP gets leached into the environment as run-offs