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Etampawala, Thusitha; Tehrani, Mehran; Nematollahi, Ali; He, Lilin; Dadmun, Mark

The impact of solvent doping on the morphology and performance of spray-coated PEDOT:dPSS: A USANS and SANS study (Journal Article)

ORGANIC ELECTRONICS, 51 , pp. 86-93, 2017, ISSN: 1566-1199.

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Fernando,; Liyanage,; Rajapaksha, Anushka Upamali; Vithanage, Meththika

Medical geology of endemic goiter in Kalutara, Sri Lanka; distribution and possible causes (Journal Article)

ENVIRONMENTAL GEOCHEMISTRY AND HEALTH, 39 (6, SI), pp. 1501-1511, 2017, ISSN: 0269-4042.

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Peiris, Chathuri; Gunatilake, Sameera; Mlsna, Todd; Mohan, Dinesh; Vithanage, Meththika

Biochar based removal of antibiotic sulfonamides and tetracyclines in aquatic environments: A critical review (Journal Article)

BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 246 (SI), pp. 150-159, 2017, ISSN: 0960-8524.

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Yuan, Yong; Bolan, Nanthi; Prevoteau, Antonin; Vithanage, Meththika; Biswas, Jayanta Kumar; Ok, Yong Sik; Wang, Hailong

Applications of biochar in redox-mediated reactions (Journal Article)

BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 246 (SI), pp. 271-281, 2017, ISSN: 0960-8524.

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Wijesekara, Hasintha; Bolan, Nanthi; Thangavel, Ramesh; Seshadri, Balaji; Surapaneni, Aravind; Saint, Christopher; Hetherington, Chris; Matthews, Peter; Vithanage, Meththika

The impact of biosolids application on organic carbon and carbon dioxide fluxes in soil (Journal Article)

CHEMOSPHERE, 189 , pp. 565-573, 2017, ISSN: 0045-6535, (BFR Symposium, York, ENGLAND, APR 08-10, 2017).

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Subasinghe,; Samarasekara,; Millaniyage,; Hettiarachchi,

Heartwood assessment of natural Santalum album populations for agroforestry development in Sri Lanka (Journal Article)

AGROFORESTRY SYSTEMS, 91 (6), pp. 1157-1164, 2017, ISSN: 0167-4366.

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Wijesekara, Isuru; Lang, Marie; Marty, Christel; Gemin, Marin-Pierre; Boulho, Romain; Douzenel, Philippe; Wickramasinghe, Indira; Bedoux, Gilles; Bourgougnon, Nathalie

Different extraction procedures and analysis of protein from Ulva sp in Brittany, France (Journal Article)

JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYCOLOGY, 29 (5), pp. 2503-2511, 2017, ISSN: 0921-8971, (22nd International Seaweed Symposium (ISS), Copenhagen, DENMARK, JUN 19-24, 2016).

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Senaratna, Chamara; Perret, Jennifer; Matheson, Melanie; Lodge, Caroline; Lowe, Adrian; Cassim, Raisa; Russell, Melissa; Burgess, John; Hamilton, Garun; Dharmage, Shyamali

Validity of the Berlin questionnaire in detecting obstructive sleep apnea: A systematic review and meta-analysis (Journal Article)

SLEEP MEDICINE REVIEWS, 36 , pp. 116-124, 2017, ISSN: 1087-0792.

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De Silva, Gayani; Somaratne, Vijani; Senaratne, Sujai; Vipuladasa, Manuja; Wickremasinghe, Rajitha; Wickremasinghe, Renu; Ranasinghe, Shalindra

Efficacy of a new rapid diagnostic test kit to diagnose Sri Lankan cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania donovani (Journal Article)

PLOS ONE, 12 (11), 2017, ISSN: 1932-6203.

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Thirumagal,; Ahamedbari,; Samaranayake,; Wanigatunge,

Pattern of medication errors among inpatients in a resource-limited hospital setting (Journal Article)

POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL, 93 (1105), pp. 686-690, 2017, ISSN: 0032-5473.

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Tehrani, Mehran; Etampawala, Thusitha Nanda Bandara; Dadmun, Mark; Hossain, Mohammad Abir

Resolving Hierarchical Structures in Carbon Nanotube Networks Using Small- and Ultrasmall-Angle Neutron Scattering (Journal Article)

JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 121 (40), pp. 22442-22451, 2017, ISSN: 1932-7447.

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Wijesinghe, Printha; Gorrie, Catherine; Shankar,; Chickabasaviah, Yasha; Amaratunga, Dhammika; Hulathduwa, Sanjayah; Kumara, Sunil; Samarasinghe, Kamani; Suh, Yoo-Hun; Steinbusch,; De Silva, Ranil

Early stages of Alzheimer's disease are alarming signs in injury deaths caused by traffic accidents in elderly people (>= 60 years of age): A neuropathological study (Journal Article)

INDIAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY, 59 (4), pp. 471-477, 2017, ISSN: 0019-5545.

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Weerasekera, Manjula; Sissons, Chris; Wong, Lisa; Anderson, Sally; Holmes, Ann; Cannon, Richard

Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis profiles of bacteria from the saliva of twenty four different individuals form clusters that showed no relationship to the yeasts present (Journal Article)

ARCHIVES OF ORAL BIOLOGY, 82 , pp. 6-10, 2017, ISSN: 0003-9969.

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Herath,; Balasuriya,; Siyayogan,

Physical and psychological morbidities among selected antenatal females in Kegalle district of Sri Lanka: A cross sectional study (Journal Article)

JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY, 37 (7), pp. 849-854, 2017, ISSN: 0144-3615.

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Wijekoon, Chandrani Nirmala; Amaratunge, Heshan; de Silva, Yashica; Senanayake, Solith; Jayawardane, Pradeepa; Senarath, Upul

Emotional intelligence and academic performance of medical undergraduates: a cross-sectional study in a selected university in Sri Lanka (Journal Article)

BMC MEDICAL EDUCATION, 17 , 2017, ISSN: 1472-6920.

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Dilhari, Ayomi; Sampath, Asanga; Gunasekara, Chinthika; Fernando, Neluka; Weerasekara, Deepaka; Sissons, Chris; McBain, Andrew; Weerasekera, Manjula

Evaluation of the impact of six different DNA extraction methods for the representation of the microbial community associated with human chronic wound infections using a gel-based DNA profiling method (Journal Article)

AMB EXPRESS, 7 , 2017, ISSN: 2191-0855.

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Punchimudiyanse, Malinda; Meegama, Ravinda Gayan Narendra

Animation of Fingerspelled Words and Number Signs of the Sinhala Sign Language (Journal Article)


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Peiris, Dinithi Champika; Dhanushka, Thamali

Low doses of chlorpyrifos interfere with spermatogenesis of rats through reduction of sex hormones (Journal Article)

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH, 24 (26), pp. 20859-20867, 2017, ISSN: 0944-1344.

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Nagaraju, Vidhyashree; Fiondella, Lance; Zeephongsekul, Panlop; Jayasinghe, Chathuri; Wandji, Thierry

Performance Optimized Expectation Conditional Maximization Algorithms for Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process Software Reliability Models (Journal Article)

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON RELIABILITY, 66 (3), pp. 722-734, 2017, ISSN: 0018-9529.

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Banneheke, Hasini; Nadarajah, Vishna Devi; Ramamurthy, Srinivasan; Sumera, Afshan; Ravindranath, Sneha; Jeevaratnam, Kamalan; Efendie, Benny; Chellamuthu, Leela; Krishnappa, Purushotham; Peterson, Ray

Student preparedness characteristics important for clinical learning: perspectives of supervisors from medicine, pharmacy and nursing (Journal Article)

BMC MEDICAL EDUCATION, 17 , 2017, ISSN: 1472-6920.

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Perera,; Wijesinghe,; Dayawansa,; Marasinghe,; Wickramarachchi,

Response of tropical birds to habitat modifications in fragmented forest patches: A case from a tropical lowland rainforest in south-west Sri Lanka (Journal Article)

COMMUNITY ECOLOGY, 18 (2), pp. 175-183, 2017, ISSN: 1585-8553.

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Amararatne, Sriyantha; Amararatne,; Raveendran,; Jayasundara,; Perera,; Witharane,; Vidanapathirana,


FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, 277 (1), pp. 55, 2017, ISSN: 0379-0738, (21st Triennial Meeting of the International-Association-of-Forensic-Sciences (IAFS), Toronto, CANADA, AUG 21-25, 2017).


Jayaratne, Dilina; Edirisinghe, Anuruddhi; Edirisinghe, Anusha; Kitulwatte, Indira; Senarathne, Udara; Wijenayake, Annista


FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, 277 (1), pp. 110, 2017, ISSN: 0379-0738, (21st Triennial Meeting of the International-Association-of-Forensic-Sciences (IAFS), Toronto, CANADA, AUG 21-25, 2017).


Senarathne, Udara; Edirisinghe, Anuruddhi; Edirisinghe, Anusha; Kitulwatte, Indira; Wijenayaka, Annista; Jayaratne, Dilina


FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, 277 (1), pp. 225, 2017, ISSN: 0379-0738, (21st Triennial Meeting of the International-Association-of-Forensic-Sciences (IAFS), Toronto, CANADA, AUG 21-25, 2017).


Peiris, Mudara; Gunasekara, Chinthika; Jayaweera, Pradeep; Arachchi, Nuwan; Fernando, Neluka

Biosynthesized silver nanoparticles: are they effective antimicrobials? (Journal Article)

MEMORIAS DO INSTITUTO OSWALDO CRUZ, 112 (8), pp. 537-543, 2017, ISSN: 0074-0276.

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Senaratna, Chamara; Perret, Jennifer; Lodge, Caroline; Lowe, Adrian; Campbell, Brittany; Matheson, Melanie; Hamilton, Garun; Dharmage, Shyamali

Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in the general population: A systematic review (Journal Article)

SLEEP MEDICINE REVIEWS, 34 , pp. 70-81, 2017, ISSN: 1087-0792.

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Darj, Elisabeth; Wijewardena, Kumudu; Lindmark, Gunilla; Axemo, Pia

`Even though a man takes the major role, he has no right to abuse': future male leaders' views on gender-based violence in Sri Lanka (Journal Article)

GLOBAL HEALTH ACTION, 10 (1), 2017, ISSN: 1654-9880.

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Perera, Romain Shanil; Dissanayake, Poruwalage Harsha; Senarath, Upul; Wijayaratne, Lalith Sirimevan; Karunanayake, Aranjan Lional; Dissanayake, Vajira Harshadeva Weerabaddana

Variants of ACAN are associated with severity of lumbar disc herniation in patients with chronic low back pain (Journal Article)

PLOS ONE, 12 (7), 2017, ISSN: 1932-6203.

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Malavige, Gathsaurie Neelika; Ogg, Graham

Pathogenesis of vascular leak in dengue virus infection (Journal Article)

IMMUNOLOGY, 151 (3), pp. 261-269, 2017, ISSN: 0019-2805.

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Sampath, Asanga; Weerasekera, Manjula; Dilhari, Ayomi; Gunasekara, Chinthika; Bulugahapitiya, Uditha; Fernando, Neluka; Samaranayake, Lakshman

Comparison of duplex PCR and phenotypic analysis in differentiating Candida dubliniensis from Candida albicans from oral samples (Journal Article)

AMB EXPRESS, 7 , 2017, ISSN: 2191-0855.

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Ratnayake,; Gamage, Shantha; Senadhira,; Weerasinghe,; Waduge,

NORM Analysis of the Reservoir Sand Section in the Dorado Natural Gas Discovery, Mannar Basin Offshore Sri Lanka (Journal Article)

JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA, 89 (6), pp. 683-688, 2017, ISSN: 0016-7622.

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Idroos, Sumaiya; De Silva,; Manage, Pathmalal

Biodegradation of microcystin analogues by Stenotrophomonas maltophilia isolated from Beira Lake Sri Lanka (Journal Article)


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Roberts, Patrick; Blumenthal, Scott; Dittus, Wolfgang; Wedage, Oshan; Lee-Thorp, Julia

Stable carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen, isotope analysis of plants from a South Asian tropical forest: Implications for primatology (Journal Article)


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Walatara, Kasuni; Athiththan, Lohini; Hettiaratchi, Usha; Perera, Pradeep

Importance of anthropometry in assessing insulin resistance as a pre-alarming sign before the onset of metabolic syndrome: a study among apparently healthy subjects (Journal Article)


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Manjula Weerasekera, Chris Sissons; Lisa Wong Sally Anderson, Ann Holmes; Cannon, Richard

Denaturant gradient gel electrophoresis profiles of bacteria from the saliva of twenty four different individuals form clusters that showed no relationship to the yeasts present (Journal Article)

Archives of Oral Biology, 2017, ISBN: 0003-9969.

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Perera, Romain Shanil; Dissanayake, Poruwalage Harsha; Senarath, Upul; Wijayaratne, Lalith Sirimevan; Karunanayake, Aranjan Lional; Dissanayake, Vajira Harshadeva Weerabaddana

Associations between disc space narrowing, anterior osteophytes and disability in chronic mechanical low back pain: a cross sectional study (Journal Article)


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Coggon, David; Ntani, Georgia; Walker-Bone, Karen; Palmer, Keith; Felli, Vanda; Harari, Raul; Barrero, Lope; Felknor, Sarah; Gimeno, David; Cattrell, Anna; Vargas-Prada, Sergio; Bonzini, Matteo; Solidaki, Eleni; Merisalu, Eda; Habib, Rima; Sadeghian, Farideh; Kadir, Masood; Warnakulasuriya, Sudath; Matsudaira, Ko; Nyantumbu, Busisiwe; Sim, Malcolm; Harcombe, Helen; Cox, Ken; Sarquis, Leila; Marziale, Maria; Harari, Florencia; Freire, Rocio; Harari, Natalia; Monroy, Magda; Quintana, Leonardo; Rojas, Marianela; Harris, Elizabeth Clare; Serra, Consol; Martinez, Jose Miguel; Delclos, George; Benavides, Fernando; Carugno, Michele; Ferrario, Marco; Pesatori, Angela; Chatzi, Leda; Bitsios, Panos; Kogevinas, Manolis; Oha, Kristel; Freimann, Tiina; Sadeghian, Ali; Peiris-John, Roshini; Sathiakumar, Nalini; Wickremasinghe, Rajitha; Yoshimura, Noriko; Kelsall, Helen; Hoe, Victor; Urquhart, Donna; Derrett, Sarah; McBride, David; Herbison, Peter; Gray, Andrew; Vega, Eduardo Salazar

Epidemiological Differences Between Localized and Nonlocalized Low Back Pain (Journal Article)

SPINE, 42 (10), pp. 740-747, 2017, ISSN: 0362-2436.

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Pathiraja, Ramya; Prathapan, Shamini; Goonawardena, Sampatha

Urinary Incontinence of Women in a Nationwide Study in Sri Lanka: Prevalence and Risk Factors (Journal Article)

UROLOGY JOURNAL, 14 (3), pp. 3075-3080, 2017, ISSN: 1735-1308.

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Sirota, Miroslav; Kostopoulou, Olga; Round, Thomas; Samaranayaka, Shyamalee

Prevalence and Alternative Explanations Influence Cancer Diagnosis: An Experimental Study With Physicians (Journal Article)

HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY, 36 (5), pp. 477-485, 2017, ISSN: 0278-6133.

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Perera, Nilanka; Miller, Joanna; Zitzmann, Nicole

The role of the unfolded protein response in dengue virus pathogenesis (Journal Article)

CELLULAR MICROBIOLOGY, 19 (5), 2017, ISSN: 1462-5814.

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Subasinghe, Chandrika Jayakanthi; Sirisena, Nirmala Dushyanthi; Herath, Chula; Berge, Knut Erik; Leren, Trond Paul; Bulugahapitiya, Uditha; Dissanayake, Vajira Harshadeva Weerabaddana

Novel mutation in the SLC12A3 gene in a Sri Lankan family with Gitelman syndrome & coexistent diabetes: a case report (Journal Article)

BMC NEPHROLOGY, 18 , 2017, ISSN: 1471-2369.

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Arua, Ugo; Arachchilage, Madhubhashini Madduma; Blum, Frank

Segmental dynamics of poly(styrene-stat-methyl methacrylate-d3) in bulk and at very small amounts on silica (Journal Article)

ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 253 , 2017, ISSN: 0065-7727, (253rd National Meeting of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS) on Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems, and Processes, San Francisco, CA, APR 02-06, 2017).


Wijesinghe,; Shankar,; Yasha,; Suh,; Steinbusch,; De Silva,

Vascular risk factors in manifestation of Alzheimer's disease related neuropathological changes: First autopsy and genetic evidence from a South Asian ageing population (Journal Article)

JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM, 37 (1), pp. 196-197, 2017, ISSN: 0271-678X, (28th International Symposium on Cerebral Blood Flow, Metabolism and Function / 13th International Conference on Quantification of Brain Function with PET, Int Soc Cerebral Blood Flow & Metab, Berlin, GERMANY, APR 01-04, 2017).


Sohng, Jaeeun; Singhakumara,; Ashton, Mark

Effects on soil chemistry of tropical deforestation for agriculture and subsequent reforestation with special reference to changes in carbon and nitrogen (Journal Article)

FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, 389 , pp. 331-340, 2017, ISSN: 0378-1127.

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Sirota, Miroslav; Round, Thomas; Samaranayaka, Shyamalee; Kostopoulou, Olga

Expectations for Antibiotics Increase Their Prescribing: Causal Evidence About Localized Impact (Journal Article)

HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY, 36 (4), pp. 402-409, 2017, ISSN: 0278-6133.

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Shawon, Md Shajedur; Perret, Jennifer; Senaratna, Chamara; Lodge, Caroline; Hamilton, Garun; Dharmage, Shyamali

Current evidence on prevalence and clinical outcomes of co-morbid obstructive sleep apnea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A systematic review (Journal Article)

SLEEP MEDICINE REVIEWS, 32 , pp. 58-68, 2017, ISSN: 1087-0792.

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Guruge, Sepali; Ford-Gilboe, Marilyn; Varcoe, Colleen; Jayasuriya-Illesinghe, Vathsala; Ganesan, Mahesan; Sivayogan, Sivagurunathan; Kanthasamy, Parvathy; Shanmugalingam, Pushparani; Vithanarachchi, Hemamala

Intimate partner violence in the post-war context: Women's experiences and community leaders' perceptions in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka (Journal Article)

PLOS ONE, 12 (3), 2017, ISSN: 1932-6203.

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Karra, Mahesh; Canning, David; Foster, Sorcha; Shah, Iqbal; Senanayake, Hemantha; Ratnasiri,; Pathiraja, Ramya Priyanwada

Location and content of counselling and acceptance of postpartum IUD in Sri Lanka (Journal Article)

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH, 14 , 2017, ISSN: 1742-4755.

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de Silva, Rajiva; Dasanayake,; Wickramasinhe,; Karunatilake, Chandima; Weerasinghe, Nayani; Gunasekera, Peshala; Malavige, Gathsaurie Neelika

Sensitization to bovine serum albumin as a possible cause of allergic reactions to vaccines (Journal Article)

VACCINE, 35 (11), pp. 1494-1500, 2017, ISSN: 0264-410X.

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Jayasundara, Pavithra; Perera,; Malavige, Gathsaurie Neelika; Jayasinghe, Saroj

Mathematical modelling and a systems science approach to describe the role of cytokines in the evolution of severe dengue (Journal Article)

BMC SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, 11 , 2017, ISSN: 1752-0509.

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