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Seventeen Research Centres currently operate under the Research Council. These centres have founded within respective faculties due to commitment and dedication of enthusiastic academicians with strong research backgrounds. With the establishment of the RC-USJ, all such centres have brought under its purview, creating a common research and development innovation platform for the convergence and cooperation. They are as follows:

1. Centre for Water Quality and Algae Research – Faculty of Applied Sciences

2. Centre for Advanced Materials Research – Faculty of Applied Sciences

3. Centre for Dengue Research – Faculty of Medical Sciences

4. Centre for Cancer Research – Faculty of Medical Sciences

5. Centre for Kidney Research – Faculty of Medical Sciences

6. Centre for Management Studies & Commerce Research – Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

7. Centre for Multi-disciplinary Research – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

8. Interdisciplinary Centre for Innovation in Biotechnology and Neurosciences – Faculty of Medical Sciences

9. Centre for Biotechnology – Faculty of Applied Sciences

10. Centre for Forestry and Environment – Faculty of Applied Sciences

11. Innovation Centre for Robotics & Intelligent System (RIS)- Faulty of Applied Sciences

12. Apple research & Development Centre- Faulty of Applied Sciences

13. Centre for Estate Management and Valuation, Research and Professional Development Centre (EMVRPC)

14. National Center for Primary Care and Allergy Research – NCPCAR

15. Centre for Governance and Public Policy

16. Plant Materials and Herbal Products Research Centre

17. Centre for Instrument facility

18. Ecosphere Resilience Research Center


Each Research Centre will consist of a Board of Management as follows.

  • Director
  • Members of the board (a maximum of 5 members)
  • External member (a maximum of 2)
  • Co-opted members y Chairperson of the Faculty Research Committee – Ex-officio post
  • Senior Assistant Bursar of the Faculty – Ex-officio post

The meetings of the Board of Management of the respective Research Centre shall be conducted monthly. The minutes of the respective meetings and the three monthly progress reports should be submitted to the working committee, which will be held once in 2 months a time. The Directors of the Research Centres should discuss the problems, the progress and the fund utilizations at the working committee meeting. The working committee will submit a detailed report to the Research Council once in six months.